Ring of Fire Centers

A social business concept with an education edge, an outreach thrust and a heart of prayer, set in a quality hospitality framework.

Company Summary

We are hospitality centers partnering with indigenous peoples around the Pacific Rim. Exotic vacation destinations featuring small business incubators, NGO and business training schools, arts & media studios, house of prayer communities, and community development initiatives. All of this supported by a boutique resort setting that features local culture, the value of nature, an accent on wholesome leisure and the transformative power of the arts.


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    Executive Director

    Professor, Innovative Educator and program developer, NGO Director, House of Prayer leader,

    Establishing schools, houses of prayer and NGO outreach centers within supportive communities that can make a difference in their regions and the world!

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    Semisi Naqica
    NGO Director

    NGO leader 15 years; tribal leader; tribal cultural expert and liaison.
    Experienced in outreach to tribal people groups, bringing social and community development. Skilled in tribal culture, protocol, government, and communication.

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    Gela Naqica
    NGO Co-Director

    NGO leader, Program Developer, 20 years; counselor, service provision coordinator, tribal cultural expert and liaison.

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    Jewell Segewick
    Hospitality Director

    Chef, Hospitality Management, 30 years.
    Skilled in every area of restaurant and hotel management, Spa Director, House of Prayer Leader.

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    House of Prayer Director

    NGO and Education Professional of 20 years.
    Motivational leader skilled in intercultural communication, teaching, NGO administration, House of Prayer development.


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    Inoke Lutumailagi
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    Michael Mooney