Revitalization Of Downtown Philippi, WV

My main reason is I want to hopefuly With GOD's help and people to help me restore some old empty but viable buildings downtown Philippi

Philippi, WV, USA

Company Overview

Pending ...Waiting for a group of local people and those who own buildings in town of Philippi, WV We want to hopefuly purchase some buildings in sales distressed area we have roughly 5 people seriously interested and 30 potential towns people who want to see these buildings be restored and create some employment I am the project manager and I have a four others who remain nameless as of this posting....To be announced soon.

Management Team

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    Gregory Lynn Mouser

    Project Manager
    I am a 59 yr old male seeking a way to create some employment opportunties in my town. I will add the other members as soon as we get our paper work from the WV Secretary Of State a registered group seeking a Revitalization Of Downtown Philippi, WV

Company Info

Concept Only
Founded: February 2012