Quantum Power

Self re-charging portable power cell that provides a new clean energy source to power industrial, commercial & residential electrical loads.”

  • Stage Prototype Ready
  • Industry Clean Technology
  • Location Seattle, WA, US
  • Currency USD
  • Founded June 2013
  • Employees 4
  • Website QuantumPower.cc

Company Summary

Quantum Power USA (a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Emergent Technologies LLC) is a technology developer offering self-charging crystal batteries invented by Marcus Reid. This new energy source can be scaled to power all types of electrical loads. Once the crystal power cells have been manufactured they continuously output power at a designated current and voltage. There is never a drop in voltage or amperage power.


  • Rolland co-founded DiscoverGET.com in 2008 to study, research & develop new sustainable & clean energy technologies. Since then he’s built a team of associates in the new energy field that represent the leading edge of new clean technologies. With years of experience in corporate marketing and product development Rolland is excited to lead us into a world where clean quantum power is not just a theory but a reality.

  • A self-taught inventor and researcher, Marcus has been working since 1998 in the field of “Asymmetric Electric Systems”. He has originated several new ideas relating to energy conversion, propulsion and a new theoretical approach that relates to the foundations of electromagnetism. He has created an emission free energy conversion technology that uses the energy within space-time as an external source of energy, called the Reid Crystal Cell.

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