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OysterWorld Ltd

Makers of interactive casual entertainment, online games and apps, including kids virtual world, GardenParty: "Grow Your Own Fun!"

Company Summary

Oyster World was formed in June 2011 and is currently operating GardenParty ( at Live Beta. The business has been doing work for hire as a developer for well-known, renowned publishers. The business is profitable, with finished products in the market. The business has just been awarded £1M non-repayable grant from the Welsh Govt to expand the UK operations and English GardenParty.


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    Nicholas William Holden
    Creative Director

    Nick is is Creative Director, Executive Producer & New Business Development Manager at Oyster World, and has been a director in games companies for over 16 years and co-founded London based Asylum Entertainment, and now Oyster World. Nick was pivotal in moving Asylum into co-publishing licensed titles, and later self-publishing models, spearheaded by the GardenParty project.

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    Anthony Lee Bailey
    Production Director

    Anthony oversees production at Oyster World, and has a 15-year track record in new media business management spanning digital video production, interactive media development, web and games production. He manages web development teams, video games production, and oversees multi-disciplinary groups of developers into teams to deliver on time with high quality standards.

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    Simon Justin Bailey
    Managing Director

    Simon runs the company day to day, oversees new deals, and plays a key role in defining company vision, structure and strategy. He has been managing his own games companies for over 16 years. He is highly committed to kids and casual markets, to publisher and consumer satisfaction and to creating beautiful and games, whilst overseeing multiple development teams on multiple titles across multiple platforms (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo).


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Previous Investors

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    MF Limited