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Next Island LLC

Next Island is an MMO/virtual world focused on the emerging casual plus market, it is up and running and has a real cash economy.

Company Summary

Next Island is the pioneer of the MMO-casual plus market. Until now there have been MMO players - those who play World of Warcraft (about 20 million in this group) on the other side of the equation there are casual gamers who have played Zynga Farmville, Cityville etc. As commited gamers look for more socialization casuals want more action that is casual plus. Next Island has real cash economy, time travel and the most beautiful graphics in MMOs


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    Oz Sultan

    Mr. Sultan is a seasoned Marketing & Technology industryveteran, and serial entrepreneur with over 17 years’ experience in Entertainment, Gaming and Advanced Technology companies.As a New Media Strategist, he developed programs and productsfor Fortune 1000 and Start-up clients. Within the startup arena, he has advised and raised funding for over 20 companies from the Dot com boom through the current New Media era.

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    David Post
    CEO founder

    Post has had four startups. He started Page America which became the largest paging/messagingbrand and network in US and sold into RCA/GE early investors made more than 40x. He founded Cellular Systems Inc. which won the NYC cellular license and early investors made more than 90x and he started Channel America which became part of PAX/ION

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    Katlean de Monchy
    launch marketing and spokesperson

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    Paul Radil

    With more than 15 years in the Gaming Industry, PaulRadil brings a wealth of knowledge with him. As former Sr. Marketing Analystand Marketing Manager for Take Two Interactive and Jack of All Games, he has had hishands in everything, from concept to end product. He is skilled in productdevelopment and research, as well as distribution and marketing. His primaryfocus the last few years has been on Next-Gen console and game development, aswell as so

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    Caitlin Connor

    Ms. Conner acts as Project Manager of the NextIsland team. She also writes tutorial and guides for the company website.Conner previously worked with Merscom LLC, a casual computer game company, asQ&A and Assistant Writer on ten of their shipped games.

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    Nash Collins

    Mr. Collins is anexperienced entrepreneur having founded and ran DEDE Entertainment from2008-2010. He also works in Investment Banking on deals ranging from VentureCapital and Private Equity, to IPO’s and M&A transactions. In addition,Collins has been an avid gamer for over 20 years.

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    Meg Stivison
    Game Content Development Director

    Ms. Stivison works on theNext Island team in social media, community management and player engagement.In addition to writing commentary on gaming, Stivison is also credited on casual games from HER Interactive, Merscom and Passionfruit Games.

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    Frank Campbell
    Interim Head of Game Production

    Mr. Campbell currentlyserves as President of Dajin, a Swedish Game Development Studio. He has studiedEngineering and Business Administration and worked as a Marketing Director inthe games industry before starting Dajin.


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    Dan O'Connor - Gunderson Dettmer
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    Steve Cooperberg

Previous Investors

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    Loeb Partners, Individuals + founder