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Needful Provision, Inc.

Needful Provision, Inc. engages in food production/ food security projects, worldwide. NPI's affiliate, PSI, commercializes systems used.

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  • Industry Food and Beverage
  • Location Dolores, CO, USA
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Company Summary

NPI and its affiliate, PSI, are focused on development/ commercialization of food production and counter-desertification technologies for desert lands (one-third of all land). We have unique ways to provide water resources for needed drip-irrigation systems, in addition to making bioactivated biochar to make desert sands productive. Our list of unique desert food crops starts with Facai (the dark green desert vegetable shown as NPI's logo).


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    David Allen Nuttle

    Nuttle has a farming background, BS in Agriculture, advanced training in tropical and desert agricultural systems. He is a published author and inventor of self-help agriculture technologies ... and has engaged in agricultural development for over five decades (in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East as well as the U.S.). Nuttle is a respected specialist in counter-desertification practices and he directs NPI's efforts in this area.

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    Charles Allen Gourd

    Dr. Gourd has a long and successful career based on transfer of advanced agricultural technologies and entrepreneurial practices for developing populations/ areas. He has worked with NPI in this capacity for the last decade. Dr. Gourd has been a technology transfer adviser to the White House, U.N. and OAS, and assists a number of Native American tribes with agricultural technologies.

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    Linda Carol Ehrlich
    Vice President

    Dr. Ehrlich has degrees and experience in biology and development of advanced agricultural systems ... with a focus on algalcuture as it relates to overall agriculture development, worldwide. She has worked with Nuttle since 1986, and NPI since 1995, in helping to perfect these new technologies. As a result of scientific peer review of her research, Dr. Ehrlich has received grant awards from USDA, National Science Foundation and others.