Multiculture Bevco Inc.

Vodka is the world's #1 western spirit. Imagine owning a brand! Entrepreneurial trademarks are attractive targets for large players, with astonishing returns.

Company Summary

Multiculture Bevco developed, launched and wholly owns the Slava Ultra Premium Vodka and Zirkova Vodka brands. Currently Slava and ZIrkova are only sold in Canada, but are poised to launch in the US (2016) and 2 other countries (2015). The company also distributes Slavutich and Lvivske 1715 beers as well as Krimsekt Sparkling Wines in Canada. Our goal is to grow the brands to over 100,000 cases and exit through sale to a major spirits company.


  • Katherine Vellinga
    VP, Operations, Multiculture Bevco Inc.


Previous Investors

  • Lenna Koszarny
    CEO, Horizon Capital

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