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MAN Machinery LLC

Empowering farmers with our proprietary capital equipment products for tree fruit & vegetable processing & our unique continuous dehydrator.

Company Summary

NW growers send cherries, apples, plums & vegetables to a few large processing plants. They have little control over the price & at times the plants can't even take all. Growers have few options so produce is wasted. MAN is the only company we know of that is scaling down the systems to fit farms. We improve productivity with conveyors and automatic control with air instead of electricity. Problem solved: Recover more fruit & produce for sale.


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    Michael Hendricks
    Food Industry Expert

    The "M" in our name. Owned Watermill Food Company in Milton Free Water, Oregon. Sold to Tree Top in 99. Intensely involved in tree fruit industry for decades. Developed the large scale vacuum infusion system now in general use for apple pieces. Prototyping a small scale version for MAN Machinery. Works for a fruit broker in Yakima, Washington

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    Andrew Schutz
    Machine Shop Owner

    The "A" in our name. Swiss Born, U.S. and Oregon citizen. Expert machinist and welder in all areas of industrial machine building and repair for some decades. Runs Monument Machine Shop. One regular OEM customer is a potato pump company. Andy keeps bees and rents them out to pollinate orchards.

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    The "N" in our name. Prolific inventor and machine designer with decades of experience in multiple industries from capacitors to heavy press forming to laser manufacturing to production wood products. Multiple patents. Designs Machines in Bend, Oregon. Supports Inventors North West and EDCO. Really getting into food!


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    David Smiley, Bend, OR
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    ProCFO, Bend, OR

Previous Investors

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    Michael Hendricks|Andrew Schutz|Nolton Johnson