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Lions Crest Enterprise, LLC

I am a Veteran, & a start-up seeking your valuable, hard earned assistance in the purchase of an existing, profitable motel. I have lenders in place for buyout.

Company Summary

Lions Crest Enterprise LLC is seeking funds for the pilot purchase of its 'Silver Linings' hotel chain. This one time investment would allow for the purchase of an existing, profitable motel at $900,000.00 usd. I am offering an 8.5% ROI for 2 years, with a buyout at $1,100,000.00, netting $353,000.00 in 2 years - 39.22% total ROI ! I offer this because I fully understand the utmost value of equity, and what it would mean for you to invest in me.


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    John Allan Loewe

    I have had a plethora of knowledge instilled through life challenges. Growing up on a large feedlot I utilized many skills at a young age such as work ethics, time management, honesty, integrity, value of hard work, and sweat equity. I am in pursuit of honest, fulfilling ventures where my good name can shine and reflect my genuine nature, to be an upstanding, viable part of the business community, to leave a legacy, to give a hand up where I can!