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LHT Revolution

Leaner Healthier Today and Leaner Healthier Teen is one of the First Family Weight Loss Franchises in the U.S! We serve adults, children and families!

Company Summary

LHT (Leaner Healthier Today) Revolution is the FIRST “Family Weight Loss” Franchise in the country! We specialize in helping adults, children and families lose weight and learn how to eat healthier. In addition, we work with employers by providing employee weight loss programs on site.

Our state of the art weight loss programs are delivered through certified LHT coaches in franchise locations, online and via our "mobile diet services" where we come to the clients home, office or local coffee shop.

Our private label, medical grade food and wellness supplements include over 150 bars, shakes and snacks. We have created a low glycemic line called “Crave Control” which are gluten free diabetic friendly cookies and brownies.

Be Leaner, Healthier Today and Live a Leaner Longer Life!


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    Founder LHT Revolution inc.

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    Jimmy Badra

    Mr. World 1988 & 1989


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    David Morris & Roger Linn
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    Charles George