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A Crowd Learning Network - Next generation learning, we don't just use our brain, we share the world's knowledge to teach you.

  • Stage Prototype Ready
  • Industry Education
  • Location Draper, UT, USA
  • Currency USD
  • Founded January 2012
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Company Summary

Learnjack is focused on mining the world's greatest instructors and putting their online classes in front of people who want to learn. Anyone can share a screen to instruct live streaming classes or upload prerecorded demos to attract like-minded students. We crowdsource the world's wealth of knowledge in a wiki-type atmosphere and make it a fun, social environment with advanced interaction for students to engage in social group learning .


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    I'm a part of this team because: I'm the wife of the founder and CEO. He needed me from the start to push a truly inspired idea from the beginning. I was instrumental given my background in programming and organizing the original ideas and wireframe concepts. I'm now head of HR and the basis of the interoffice organization. That's right I'm the "Toby" of Learnjack and proud of it.

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    I could start off with, "He has a long track record of..." and list all my great accomplishments. Eventually you'll find out I'm just an entrepreneur who's experienced great successes and utter disasters. Those examples built my confidence, character, and skills. I selected my team to compliment my strengths and reinforce my weaknesses. Once you get to know me you'll see I'm a powerful creative, intentioner, great listener, thinker, and executor.

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    Karoly Sepsy

    I'm a part of this team because: the executive team needed a partner who is brilliant, inventive, engineering, and who code with the best of them. They also needed someone experienced who could run a tight ship in the Engine Room as we call it. I have the respect of our Hungarian team, I've proven my worth and I'm committed to building a worthy product through agile development.

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    I'm part of this team because: I'm a great support to my CTO brother, we've worked and played together our entire lives and there's no one who knows him better than I do. I bring my software engineering background to a structurally complex back-end learning system. In part because of me we will have a solid, secure, fast, and expandable product.

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    Balint Tukacs

    I'm part of this team because: The minute Karoly found out Learnjack planned a social network functionality, he knew just the guy to call. My charge will play a vital role in moving Learnjack in a wholly new direction, offering a unique socialized learning platform where experts and students can interact and generate intuitive group learning. My Crowd Learning Network will be new to the business of distance learning and crowd competitions.

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    Norbert Gaal

    I'm part of this team because: Celestial bodies are to the Universe what content is to our database. The information generated by Learnjack will become the single most valuable asset we own. I am the best guy to organize, structure, and select the best possible solutions for this responsibility.

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    I'm part of this team because: I have great ideas, I'm tenacious, and I'm not afraid to tell people what to think. I relate with a younger demographic, and I help bridge the gap between UI design and development code. I believe in the Learnjack concept, I've worked hard to build it and I'm sure to be a leader in this company.

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    Preston Plowman
    Social Media

    I'm part of this team because: I understood from the start, Learnjack, being the World's first Crowd Learning Network would need great media attention off the bat. Being the son of a PR professor at Brigham Young University offers me a great insight and advantage.

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    Soma Gaal

    I'm part of this team because: When we started planning for the launch of Learnjack everyone agreed we wanted to launch with a simple and sexy web presence and branding. I have been instrumental in building the user interface from the ground up. When it comes to marrying the UI and the database system my development is imperative.

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    CoFounder / President

    I'm part of this team because: I have been following Learnjack since the Bouck's introduced the idea. At a time when they were making some very important game-changing moves I was there to commit my time, knowledge, and my "can do" attitude. I'm not afraid of anything and I'm always a top producer. I'm good with numbers, analysis, and I bring a balance to Brandon's vision and goofy sarcasm.


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    Chris Anderson / Soulence

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    Stanley M. Bouck