Lauth Investigations International

Currently, an estimated $58 billion in unclaimed assets is held by the government. We “rightfully return assets to owners and their heirs”.

Company Summary

Lauth Investigations International (LII) provides investigative services to corporations, attorneys, insurance brokers, and the public. In addition, LII has developed a division that exclusively focuses on locating owners and heirs to the estimated $58 billion in unclaimed assets held by governmental agencies nationwide as an area of service that benefits the public while still enabling LII to grow and profit.


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    Thomas E. Lauth

    Thomas Lauth founded Lauth Investigations International (LII) in 1995 and serves as lead investigator for LII, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN and branch offices in CO, FL, and AZ.

    Lauth's team works with corporations, attorneys, insurance companies, law enforcement, and the public on cases that vary from due diligence, background investigations, intelligence gathering, insurance investigations, child endangerment, to homicide cases.

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    Rain M. Lauth
    Director of Operations

    Rain is a former industrial engineer with 7 years’ experience in Cost Planning, Production Planning, Optimizing and Balancing, Analysis, Marketing and Management, and Forensic Analysis.

    In her capacity as Director of Operations, Rain has developed the Unclaimed Property Unit at LII to include overall management, facilitation of training and expanding LII and clientele into CO, AZ, IA, and FL.

Previous Investors

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