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KenRich Marketing

Senior executives agree we identified and corrected the flaws in the outdated content and branded-content development-promotion-sales model

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We've upgraded how broadcast, cable and digital content is developed, promoted and sold to account for the 21st century's explosion in media and technology. We prove that content created under our model will outperform all other, before one dime is spent. We prove every company in the production-distribution chain is under-performing and undervalued, with major media companies undervalued by billions of dollars. Companies will compete to buy us.


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    Ken Richard Convoy

    With a background with advertising agencies, I proved the billions of dollars of stockholder assets spent on content promotion are wasted on ineffective messages that suppress viewing levels. My model will increase ratings by 50-100% and digital visits by 10-or-more times the average click-through rate. Built in to the content is the ability to maintain viewer loyalty and, as NBC and Gillette confirm, guessing is removed from the buying process.