Longevity InTime BioTech: Raise Your GrandKids Kids

AI digital health longevity technology for remote online tracking severe diseases at their early stages, that can add +20 active years

  • Stage Product In Market
  • Industry Biotechnology
  • Location New York, NY, USA
  • Currency USD
  • Founded September 2018
  • Employees 50
  • Incorporation Type LLC
  • Website intime.digital

Company Summary

4P medicine (preventive, predictive, personalized, participatory) technology of an early stage diseases diagnosis. By measuring biodata online we get the insights on the human's health. With a hardware & software complex of devices (existing wearables, proprietary AI algorithm, portable bio container, mob app) we find & fight the diseases on the preclinical stage, which affect longevity

Our target is to prolong each person's life by 20 years


  • 7 successful exits, 1 failure, attracted investors worth 100M$, personal ad sales worth 100M$. All businesses were profitably sold & many are still in operations. Co producer of 6 movies, incl. Hollywood's Chef with Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Jon Favreau. Biotech visionary. Founded InTime on personal funds, responsible for launch from scratch, market validation, technology IP, product ownership, sales management.

  • Development Expert

    Development of integrated diagnostic systems using IT-technologies, mathematical statistics and probability theory; Project team management; Organization and implementation of R & D; Project management in the field of technology startups; Develop briefs for the software developers; Participation in the development of Federal Info System "medical information and analytical system" FMBA of Russia; MySQL, Knime.

  • Andrei Lisitsa
    Scientific Expert

    Russian bioinformatic, corresponding member of Russian Academy of medical Sciences (2011), academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2016). Doctor of biological Sciences (2007), thesis: "Knowledge base on cytochromes P450: development and application". 2015 - present - director of the Institute of biomedical chemistry named after V. N. Orekhovich.

  • Alexey Moskalev
    Longevity Expert

    Russian biologist, doctor of biological sciences, professor of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS), corresponding member of the RAS (2016).

    Head of Laboratory of Molecular Radiobiology & Gerontology at Institute of Biology, Komi Science Center, Ural Branch of the RAS, Head of the Ecology Department at Syktyvkar State University, Head of the Laboratory of Life Exposure and Aging Genetics at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute.

  • Prototype Advisor

    Computer Scientist.

  • Derek Van Vliet
    Investor Relations Advisor

    Has 15 years of Corporate Finance experience in Advisory and Equity Research. Derek’s advisory experience has included Project Financing/Advisory, Debt and Equity Capital Raising and Merger & Acquisitions. Derek has been a Research Analyst at Citigroup/Salomon Smith Barney. Derek began his career in Investment Banking at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell. Derek has an MBA from Cornell University and a BA from Duke University.

  • AI Expert

    Being an Engineer-Mathematician, for almost 20 years has been working in various large-scale projects related to Artificial Intelligence and automated management systems. Roman is a member of several Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain-related associations, he also held numerous leading positions in private and governmental organization being responsible for development and integration of innovative and AI-powered services

  • Back End Developer, Marketing

  • Ainar Eroshenkov
    AI engineer

  • Android Developer

  • Andrey Gordeev
    Front End Developer

  • Andrey Gulyayko
    QA engineer

  • Konstantin Malev
    Back End Developer

  • Daria Pshenichnaya
    Designer Teamlead

  • Didi Setiahadi

  • Dmitry Rubtsov
    ML engineer

  • Eugene Palchukovsky

  • Gopal Miriyalu Dhanasekar
    Indian representative

  • Igor Diakiv
    Back End Teamlead

  • Igor Myasnikov
    Front End Developer

  • Marina Zorina
    QA Teamlead

  • Olga Khmarskaya
    ML engineer, Back End Developer

  • Founder, Front End Teamlead

  • Polina Revyakina
    Back End Developer

  • Sankalp Sunder

  • Scott Hine
    USA Representative

  • Sergey Popyvanov
    iOS Developer

  • Tatyana Kozlova
    Marketing Teamlead

  • Tobi Alajiki

  • Product Manager

  • Back End Developer

  • Longevity Scientific Ambassador

    Board Director, The Millennium Project, Fellow, World Academy of Art & Science, Vicechair, HumanityPlus

    Engineer, economist, futurist. transhumanist, who has worked in economic development, international relations, Latin America, EU, monetary policy, energy trends, cryonics, and longevity. Books: The Great Taboo, Constitutions Around the World: A Comparative View from Latin America, The Latin American challenge, The death of death


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