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International Resin Modellers Association

That elusive model kit you've been waiting for or just can't find, we can make it in no time from environmentally friendly resin to scale!

Company Summary

Promotes model building in resin format, mostly aircraft in 1/72 with five kits on the market so far, all sold out. We make kits in environmentally friendly resin of subjects never made in kit form before. With resin we can turn out kits much faster and more diverse for a fraction of the cost. Our customers are a unique niche that are serious collectors, many active and former pilots, aircraft designers and advanced hobbyists.


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    Owner, President, CEO

    Former United Nations and Wall Street Consultant, now college professor, over 20 years of business experience. Model building helped in eye-hand coordination after devastating childhood illness. From therapy model making evolved into a hobby, inspiration, education and now a business. More people share this interest than imagined. Real growth potential with the right strategic planning. Time to grow!

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    Antonella C Codrignani
    Vice President of Marketing

    Raised in Milan, Italy, came to U.S.A. to marry Zane R Nobbs. Over 20 years of management experience, advises in how, where and when to market kits.


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