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Fintech. AI. Robo-Advisor, online financial planner, apps allocator. Real-time decisions engine offering automated personal financial advice in Russia.

  • Stage Prototype Ready
  • Industry Fintech
  • Location Russia, Moscow
  • Currency USD
  • Founded April 2012
  • Employees 3
  • Incorporation Type Not Incorporated
  • Website iiwoii.com

Company Summary

Type of Financial Firm: Online Financial Advisor (OFA).
Types of Financial Services: Planning services and advice, strategic assets allocation, risk management, apps portfolio management.
Robo-Advisor. Fintech.
For mass segment.
AI-driven allocator of in-house and external AI&QAI apps, based on core-satellite approach (QAI algorithms).

Customized solution offering financial advisory service as a main tool for achieving personal life goals


  • MBA,CAIA level2, 1.0 (brokerage), 5.0(asset management), M.D. (medical doctor), M.P.H. (public health), php,mysql,js,html,C#,Python, Agile Ruby on Rails, cybersecurity,machine learning/deep learning/ artificial intelligence/quantum computing/ blockchain/ neurotech, 22 years+ in investment/banking business, AI&quantum apps development

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