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HE System Technologies

Natural gas is becoming popular as a transportation fuel. Our compressor outperforms and solves issues with current natural gas fueling.

Company Summary

He System Technologies is a Compressor manufacturer. We have our own line of rotary screw air compressors with our proprietary design. Compressor sales are growing and can grow further with more inventories. .
We began investigating the natural gas compressor market in 2010. Our compressor delivers as much power as other compressors for ½ the price. Our compressor also answers the problems that all natural gas compressors suffer from. We feel o


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    James Patrick McSweeney

    Sales and Management 25 years.
    Owned marketing firm for 10 years dedicated to marketing hand tools.
    I worked in sales in HVAC services and building services.
    I managed other sales people, and managed projects.
    I am a certified Green consultant.
    Mike and I wanted to do something that impacted the environment positively.

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    Michael Frances Nickipuck
    VP Engineering

    Inventor and product developer.
    I have 9 patents and 7 successful products. I developed products, manufacturing processes, and tooling to produce my products.
    I ran my own manufacturing co for 20 years producing hand tools and other products for major tool companies.