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HANOR 3D System Ltd

Project company. Only the patent is to develop / prototype /.

  • Stage Concept Only
  • Industry Electronics / Instrumentation
  • Location Budapest, Hungary
  • Currency USD
  • Founded February 2012
  • Employees 5
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Company Summary


It is an encryption option! It does not Violated the privacy rights!

You'll need a special key and a smart phone.

We managed to develop a new sensing pair which consist a transmitter and a receiver. They can connect to each other. At the same time, the system is able to accept further codes coming from other systems. Eg. My bank card, RFID key and fingerprint, biometrics and other keys. All together they can operate in a single system. It results a matrix of codes.

In it, one person gives in the different codes. The key does not need to hide. Unauthorized person can not use. In our system of biometric identification is embedded in a matrix based on the so-called code of personal data. This is a data packet Which bank, hotel, office building, etc. EG can be stored on servers. Https:// This code is enough to know the pain some banks of the ATM. EG LCD touch screen HANOR this code, and / or fingerprint can be easily input. This MATRIX 3-4 integrates codes of technologies (biometric, HANOR, numeric, RFID, NFC, voice identification, etc.) This! The data obfuscation or masking a data set used in such a way as to ensure that the identity and sensitive data records protected - not just individual packets of discrete fields and tables.Therefore banks and other users of smartphones to the beach, the code provision I used my money and other values ​​which will ensure safe handling.
If I give a bank or other server information from in the "transmitter" (This is my private combination to button. I bought the store). This is different for each in persons! The server will be able to generate a single-use code. The server sends this one-time use code automaticaly. The system can be integrated with any previous lock / secure cylinders, cam locks and access control systems / do not need to replace everything. Magneto solenoid, motor and intelligent locks can be treated.


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    Peter Fay
    Hungary Budapest

    Owner Director / 3D HANOR / and other companies, university professor, See Linkedein.


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