Guardian Lion Wireless, LLC

wrist based GPS, cell phone for lost, abducted, ready for mfg, advert and eng funded, seeking $500k to get production, ATT T Mobile to sell

  • Stage Full Product Ready
  • Industry Mobile
  • Location Milpitas, CA, USA
  • Currency USD
  • Founded December 2009
  • Employees 5
  • Website

Company Overview

Company started in Florida, moved to California, has developed unique wrist mounted GPS, 911 alert, cell communicator for lost and abducted people. The customers are parents of kids at risk, alzheimer patients, hikers, anyone who may get lost and needs to be found. Product is design, proven, ready for manufacturing. Marc Klaas has endorsed product as a way to eliminate abductions. This device will identify person using it within 1 meter

Management Team

  • 5 years developing product with extensive wireless and product development experience

  • Formerly leading CTO of wireless companies and was involved in developing ONSTAR, 40 years working experience in wireless and other telecom companies, in the UK and the US, with a varied experience in top level management, product development both international and domestic

  • Previously Managing director of $40 million technical sales company headquartered in Singapore with seven subsidiaries in Asia, with three manufacturing companies. Over 40 years experience in Asia and the US in financial, operations, manufacturing of electronics companies including medical, wireless, industrial and consumer products.


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    Williams, Schifino, Mangione & Steady, Tampa, FLa
    TBD, most Likely Silicon Valley Bookkeeping

Previous Investors

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    Paul Wilcock, Max Carey, Joseph Troy
    All personal investors with no institutional or angel investors