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Earn points for sampling iconic foods from 195 nations through this user friendly platform.Learn about the world through the window of food!

Company Summary

GrubOlympx encourages users to earn points for sampling iconic foods from 195 nations and sharing with friends via social media. Users can populate their "Grubpassport" and learn important and fun facts about each country via this social app. In a globalized world, GrubOlympx equips our customers(students, businesspeople, retirees) with knowledge about the world, enhances cultural competency and helps build rapport among diverse individuals.


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    Kel Jack
    President and Co founder

    Kel Jack is a magna cum laude graduate of Bernard Baruch College and Georgetown University Law Center. His experience includes private practice in international economic and corporate law. While at Baruch, he was a finalist in the Baruch College Entrepreneurship competition. His fondest memories at Baruch College include sharing cultural meals with Pakistani, Ghanaian, Israeli, Chinese and Jamaican students. The genesis of GrubOlympx!

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    Marsha Schroeter
    Chief Financial Officer and Co -founder

    Marsha Schroeter earned a BBA from Baruch College and continued post graduate studies at Fairfield University. She is a finance manager at a leading global mining company. Her experience includes managing a diverse team and frequent interaction with plant managers on different continents. She is an avid traveler and enterprising chef that enjoys cooking new recipes. Marsha lived in NYC metro area and appreciates its multicultural vibrancy.

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    Gwen Jack
    Chief Strategy Officer and Co founder

    Gwen Jack is currently a student at Jefferson School of Medicine. She is a graduate of NYU and earned a Master in Public Health from Columbia University. Her thesis focused on Cultural Competency and the importance of patients and doctors coming together to discuss health concerns without cultural differences hindering the conversation, but enhancing it. Gwen Jack is also a recognized Coca-Cola Scholar.

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    Kenneth Jack
    Director of ICT/Education

    Kenneth Jack is a graduate of City University of New York with a degree in Mathematics. He is a lead ICT coordinator and educator and is pursuing a Masters degree in education. His research and dissertation focuses on exploring how the use of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) can facilitate enquiry- based learning in a primary school setting and foster discourse and collaboration in a globally interdependent milieu.


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    Joel Zweibel, Esq.
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    Glover Davis

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