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We rule the galaxy

  • Stage Concept Only
  • Industry Not Set
  • Location Bend, OR, USA
  • Currency USD

Company Summary

We terrorize outlying systems, keep fear in the hearts of rebels and build really shoddy space stations with wickedly simple and obvious weak spots that can be easily exploited by anyone with enough money to buy a hamburger on Tattoine.


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    Darth Sidious
    Sith Lord

    Deeply experienced ruler of all things evil. Exceptional control of The Force to the point that he can actually bring people back from the dead. Something no other Sith has been able to achieve.

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    Darth Vader
    Sith Apprentice

    To call him an apprentice is an injustice. He is pretty damn evil and has mad skillz. He is a bit of a whiney brat though. He keeps complaining about some girl named Padme something or other. he needs to leave it alone and go Force Choke some more Captains to get his Imperial army in order.