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Genomic Expression Inc

We help the doctor find the right drug for the patient and the pharma company find the right patient for their drug

  • Stage Full Product Ready
  • Industry Biotechnology
  • Location Boston, MA, US
  • Currency USD
  • Founded July 2009
  • Employees 10
  • Incorporation Type C-corp
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Company Summary

Genomic Expression is a clear first mover in making RNA-sequencing actionable in oncology. In contrast to DNA panels we can identify markers for response to the new immune therapies as well as targeted therapies. Immune therapy is the closest we get to a cure in cancer and newly approved drugs have created a lot of exitment in the market.

For the first we can be optimistic that we will win the war on cancer! Not by a magic bullet drug, but by genetically matching the tumor to a drug that actually works. Furthermore, new immune therapies, that train the patients own immune system to kill the cancer, have demonstrated prolonged disease free progression which is as close as we get to a cure. OneRNA™ identifies targets for immune and targeted therapies by sequencing RNA.

The OneRNA report provides a clinically actionable summary of the tumor expression profile. Key findings, such as overexpression of druggable cancer driver genes and underexpression of DNA repair genes, are listed on the first page of the report and described in greater detail in subsequent pages. The report also lists active clinical trials matched to the tumor expression profile, and provides references to support each gene-therapy linkage.

Case Study
A 41-year-old woman diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. Our analysis of her tumor expression profile uncovered:
• 1 drug approved for breast cancer
• 5 drugs approved for other cancers, including one 

novel immune therapy being tested in an ongoing 

breast cancer clinical trial
• 30 active clinical trials: immune therapies (11), 

checkpoint inhibitors (6), and targeted therapies including PARP inhibitors (13) 

Some key events/accomplishments:
• Raised +$6M in grants to validate OneRNA™ in several cancers
• Opened lab in Boston: Sequencing capacity 5000 tests/year 
• Concluded payer and regulatory strategy and started CLIA certification
• Top placement in Women’s Founders Network, XTC (Richard Branson), Molecular Tri-Conference, Red Herring, MedTech Innovator
• Reinvented the business model: turned the expense of validating OneRNA™ into revenue

Our Current investors include:
1) Seattle Women’s Impact Fund (lead)
2) Pipeline Angels
3) Founder of Biogen (biotech royalty, hall of fame)
4) CSO and cofounder of genomics company in Boston (phd in genetics from Harvard & entrepreneur)
5) A family office in New York


  • 20+ years of management experience
    Deal resume north of $1 billion
    Master’s in Chemical Engineering

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    Morten Pedersen

    Inventor of the GEx's technologies
    PhD in Genetics at the JFK Institute
    Strong innovation track record

  • Co-founder of GenMab & Topotarget
    Raised more than $650 for Bankinvest
    Karolinska, The Danish Cancer Society

  • PhD McGill University, postdoc MIT
    Cofounded BioTrove, sold to Life Tech
    Co-Inventor of OpenArray®

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    Geoffrey Folkerth

    Former CFO of Pathway Genomics
    Co-founder of Biogenetica

  • F9bf7452 a125 4ffd 886a 9d5f3f15a866
    VP Business Development

    Masters Management of Science, Stanford
    7 years of life sciences strategy consulting ZS
    Advised pharma on partnership strategy

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    Chief Information Officer

    Morten Middelfart, CIO holds two Ph.D.'s; one in data mining and machine learning, and one in business management. He has seven U.S. patents and 25 worldwide patents in his field and +20 years of analyzing Big Data.


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    Duane Morris LLP
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    Malc & Co

Previous Investors

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    Centurion Holding in New York
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    Investor Circle,
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    Friends and Family, Founders