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A mobile application for iOS & Android that tracks custody, visitation and shared costs for parents raising children in separate households.

Company Summary

Genesis provides parents an easy alternative to keep, record, track, and retrieve the notes associated with custody, visitation, and support surrounding their own, and the other parent's, activities and responsibilities regarding their involvement with their child(ren). Due to divorce or separation, the emotional baggage retained affects the child, whereas Genesis keeps the important information a court cares about. Goal to be HIPAA compliant.


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    Jon Vaughn

    Single dad of two daughters with different mothers. He lost custody of his 10 year old daughter due to a medical condition, and continues to be belittled in court though his track record as a father is exceptional. Through this frustration, he has created a site plan that would prove his activity as a father, maintaining the 10 years of notes he should have had when he lost custody. Passionate, to say the least.

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    Dave Plivelich
    Marketing Guru

    Owns The Marcom Group, a full-service, growing ad agency that specializes in web development, print media, mobile applications, and social networking for over 14 years.

    The go-to-guy for image and identity, positioning, and execution of campaigns.

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    Michael Schubert


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    Dave Bynum
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    Ryan Nielsen