Emrgy Hydro

Emrgy delivers affordable hydropower in areas not currently considered for energy purposes.

  • Stage Prototype Ready
  • Industry Clean Technology
  • Location Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Currency USD
  • Founded January 2014
  • Employees 4
  • Website emrgyhydro.com

Company Summary

Emrgy is a transformational technology company that enables customers to generate electricity from slow or shallow water flows to offset energy consumption or achieve grid power independence.

Together with the US Department of Energy and US Office of Naval Research, we developed a compact, portable hydropower turbine based on a proprietary magnetic gear that overcomes the compromises of conventional turbines plagued by the risks and limitations of mechanical gears, representing a breakthrough in kinetic power conversion. It has been selected as one of the Top 30 Emerging Technologies by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Emrgy’s SUV-sized turbines convert energy in moving water to 10KW of renewable electric power. The devices integrate directly within continuously flowing waterways to harvest energy around the clock – each device potentially amassing over 200kWh in a single day. Compared to wind and solar alternatives, Emrgy produces 2-3X the energy for the same rated power capacity.

Each $40,000 device produces the energy equivalence of 7 average US homes, 42 in Germany, or 86 in India.


  • Founder & CEO

    Emily comes to Emrgy from AMT, Inc., where she managed $10+ million in R&D contracts to build new technologies for energy, military and transportation over 6 years. Since founding Emrgy, Emily has secured $1.6 million in grant funding, become the first company inducted into the City of Atlanta's Innovation Center, received the first ever equity investment from Atlanta's Development Authority, and won a VC-backed accelerator out of 600 applicants.

  • Curtis Watkins

    Curtis Watkins comes to Emrgy from the Emerging Technology Office at Duke Energy, where he led testing and verifying new technologies that have potential to become part of a new emerging energy portfolio. Prior to joining Duke 2007, Curtis grew a venture-backed startup company to almost 30 employees and received a successful exit in 2007. Curtis was named by the Charlotte Business Journal top ‘Forty Under Forty’ for 2013.

  • Thorsten Stoesser
    Chief Engineer

    Thorsten Stoesser, Ph.D brings expertise in experimental and computational fluid mechanics and in particular its application to stream energy and to environmentally-friendly very low head hydropower. Thorsten has published numerous papers on this subject and is currently managing $1.6 Million in research grants. Thorsten has participated in the design of several hydropower schemes in the US, UK and Germany, as well as in Pakistan and Brazil.


  • Mark Pisano
    Fellow, University of Southern California
    Felix Oduyemi
    Senior Program Manager, Southern California Edison

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