Closing the significant gap between Crypto | Stock and Social Media.

  • Stage Prototype Ready
  • Industry Fintech
  • Location Reston, VA, USA
  • Currency USD
  • Founded April 2021
  • Employees 9
  • Incorporation Type C-corp
  • Website

Company Summary

Cryptorama's goal is to close the significant gap between Crypto|Stock and Social Media– providing a Social Media Platform primarily focused as an accessible network for the general audience that’s at least interested on these investments; with unique tools, people will find themselves accessing and validating information gathered in one place, Digital Asset transfers, time validated NFTs, while socially aligning themselves with investments.


  • Lead - Senior Cybersecurity Engineer
    Artillery Automated Systems, Army Veteran
    Crypto/Stock Investor

    Experience in management, system development lifecycle, social media and proof of concept. Oversee the growth and development of Cryptorama (vision), management of personnel, main designer, strategic planning, investor relations, release evaluations, public relations and partnership relations.

  • Crypto Market Analyst | Investor
    Forex Market Analyst | Investor
    Stock Market Analyst | Investor
    Operations Lead, GIS Engineer

    Experienced in market investments and problem areas tied to the audience. Oversee market analytics, evaluates product design and user experience (for retail investors point of view), sustains competitive research/analysis, compiles reports for growth forecast, quality assurance and communications.

  • Approvals at (PR) Far East Trading and Investments
    Emerging Economics at Harvard
    Former TV Celebrity and Model
    Program Coordinator

    Experienced in marketing collaborations, targeting social media and networking relations. Financial guru. Marketing acquisition, marketing solutions, international public relations, ambassador talent management, strategic relations with the product, finance management, accounts management.

  • Danilo Carrera

    Experienced Social Media Influencer
    Expanded Market Network
    Major TV Celebrity

    Experienced in public relations and branding products through social media and large audiences. Oversee strategic direction of the product which aligns with customer needs, branding strategy, business growth, measures product validation towards the general audience, uses established networks to physically or visually represent the product.

  • Lead Developer

    Lead Full Stack Developer
    Programmed WebApps over 10 Years
    Crypto Investor

    Experience in leading hands-on development of the product targeting problem areas and scalability. Primary coder, oversees development of platform and codes integrity, resource advisor, code testing and evaluates pre-releases.

  • Developer: DApp, Smart Contracts, Solidity and Blockchain Management
    Management as a Scrum Master
    AI and Robotics Engineer
    Experience in development, overall technology strategy, management of developers, identifies intellectual property, develops monetization methods, designs patents, evaluates future growth in technology.


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