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Zero-knowledge notary service built on top of the blockchain. Helping creators and professionals to protect and manage ownership of their digital assets.

  • Stage Prototype Ready
  • Industry Legal
  • Location Munich, Germany
  • Currency EUR
  • Founded November 2005
  • Employees 3
  • Website

Company Summary

MISSION: protection and ownership management of digital assets.
TARGET: hacker, makers, artists. Creators and professionals in general.
ACHIEVEMENTS: proven technology, loyal user base
- 8K active users
- 1.300 donors
- 50K€ donations
TEAM: solid, experienced.
MODEL: flat-rate subscriptions.

PROBLEM 1 - Everyone owns documents and data that shouldn’t lie around. But encryption is a real pain!
PROBLEM 2 - Everything is easy to copy and forge. How can you protect your projects, artworks, original content?
PROBLEM 3 - Getting attribution and compensation for your digital works is hard. How to link your identity to your works?

SOLUTION - Clipperz encrypts data and documents right in the browser and stores them in encrypted form in the cloud. Moreover it uses the blockchain as distributed notary service to generate a legally valid proof of existence and a certificate of ownership for your works.

Clipperz designed and implemented a unique zero-knowledge architecture based on:
- web cryptography
- the Bitcoin blockchain
These technologies allows users to trust Clipperz web app with their most private data.
Nothing is revealed to third parties. Not Google, not the NSA, not the ISP. And of course not Clipperz.
Clipperz is indeed a sophisticated web app, but, from the user’s point of view, Clipperz looks and behaves like a regular web app and works on any Internet-enabled device. No browser extensions to install, no certificates to generate, zero complexity.

Clipperz services are designed to suit the needs of hackers, makers and artists. More widely creators and professionals. A very prolific segment of the “freelance economy”, a sector experiencing a strong growth.
In the US, freelancers represent 34% of the total workforce, expecting to grow to 50% in 2020.

During the past years Clipperz tested the web cryptography layer by becoming a fairly successful free password manager. Today Clipperz is a daily habit for many loyal users (80K registered, 7K active) storing more than 1 million passwords. Moreover Clipperz has been receiving unsolicited donations from more than 1,200 unique donors in 52 countries. Total donations received: 45K€ and 11 BTC.
Blockchain enabled features will make Clipperz much more than a password manager. Therefore we will introduce flat-rate subscription plans. Users can purchase plans in Bitcoin (for higher privacy) or with more traditional payment methods.


  • Marco barbuto large
    Co-Founder and CEO

    Product and business development + financial planning

  • 4963eebd a596 4f3c ac80 1d7e5bb06462
    Co-Founder and CTO

    All things software + information architect + UI and UX designer

Previous Investors

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    Garan Goodman