BioAdhesive Alliance Inc.

Bioadhesive Alliance Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of “PiGrid”, a bio-based, green, low cost, and durable construction adhesive.

Greensboro, NC, USA

Company Overview

Bioadhesive Alliance Inc. is manufacturer of a green, low cost, and durable construction adhesive called PiGrid. PiGrid provides the pavement industry a lower production cost and an enhanced performance, and (2) provides a solution for hog producers, governments, and trade associations looking for appropriate solutions for waste management from traditional swine waste decomposition lagoon designs. Main customers of PiGrid are asphalt terminals.

Management Team

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    Daniel Oldham

    Mr. Oldham
    Daniel is senior student of civil engineering at NC A&T State University. He has ample expertise with bio-adhesive (PiGrid) production. He has worked with the inventor of the technology (Dr. Fini) for more than two years. He has coauthored three conference and journal papers which were published in TRB, ASEE and ASCE journals. He has also assisted with evaluating market viability of bio adhesive through his several industrial interviews.
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    Mahour Parast

    Dr. Parast
    Dr. Parast is an experienced project manager, strategic planner and entrepreneurial leader with over 10 years of experience in manufacturing, service and consulting firms providing expertise in business strategy operation management, quality management, and project management.

Company Info

Product In Development
2 Employees
Founded: February 2013

Previous Investors

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    National Science Foundation's I-CORPS program