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We are a search engine to find talented developers. Our search engine is powered by a matching algorithm that finds the best candidates with specific skillset.

  • Stage Full Product Ready
  • Industry Internet / Web Services
  • Location Barcelona, Spain
  • Currency EUR
  • Founded June 2015
  • Employees 6
  • Incorporation Type Not Incorporated
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Company Summary

Recruitment is broken.

Right now in recruiting there are two fundamental problems. First, you have companies that do not get enough active candidates (these are people who are applying via job boards, the company website, etc.) for reqs they are trying to fill. So those companies turn to trying to recruit passive candidates which is typically necessary if they want to scale.

And herein lies the second problem, most recruiters are fairly indiscriminate in their outreach to candidates. They carpet bomb everyone who looks even remotely like a fit in the hopes of hitting the needle in the haystack and finding the candidate who is actually looking for something new. And that's horribly inefficient.

Bet4talent solves this problem offering companies a search engine, powered by an algorithm that matches the specific skillset requirements for a job with the best candidates that fit. We do the sourcing, so the company can focus on effectively hiring the best talent.


  • Licenciado en Administración y Dirección de empresas en el IQS de Barcelona, cuenta con más de tres años de experiencia en la firma de servicios profesionales Deloitte, S.L. en los que ha pasado por los departamentos de Auditoria y Transacciones.
    Posteriormente fundó start-teams, que a la postre acabó siendo la semilla de lo que ahora es bet4talent.


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