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Beagle Tools Limited

Patented wheelbarrows, hand trucks and carts are ergonomic, easier to assemble and lighter when loaded. New aluminum hand trucks target Coke, Pepsi, UPS & FedEx

  • Stage $1M in TTM Revenue
  • Industry Consumer Products
  • Location New Braunfels, TX, US
  • Currency USD
  • Founded January 2012
  • Employees 5
  • Website

Company Summary

Beagle Tools makes professional and homeowner wheelbarrows that can be assembled with 5 bolts in one to two minutes. Special newly patented tilt-back hand trucks have been exclusively licensed from Tamarack Industries in Austin TX. The lines will feed a massive online and in-store market demand for material handling tools. The firm sells its patented products under the Beagle brand in the US and is also a licensee of Spear & Jackson in Europe.


  • Kurt Feick is the patent holder for most of the important improvements made to wheeled goods including wheelbarrows, flat free tires, displays and a variety of carts and hand trucks. He was a co-founder of Jeep Wheelbarrows in 2000 and developed a reputation for durable products that will last and ergonomic designs that are preferred by professionals and homeowners alike.

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    Director of Marketing and Graphics

    Responsible for brand management, graphic design, packaging and brand compliance, Shelley has been integral to The Aim Group's marketing strategy for over 10 years. She is a graduate of Pratt Institute.

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    Kyle Caldwell
    Manager Qingdao Operation

    Fluent in written and spoken Mandarin, Kyle oversees production and quality in Asia for Beagle Tools. He works full-time in Qingdao China where he has lived for the past 10 years. He has a BA from The University of Puget Sound.

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    Product Development

    Phil began his career as one of the first 100 employees at Dell Computer. With extensive CAD experience and an important patent for hand trucks which he developed with Jefferson Raley. The patent is under exclusive license worldwide to Beagle Tools.

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    Management - Monterrey Production & Operations

    Mr. Latuga splits his time between Dallas, TX and Monterrey, Mexico where he is currently a partner of Javier Williamson. Mr. Latuga has extensive experience in Mexico having been sent down there on behalf of United Technologies. He was a product manager for Carrier Corporation and is a former Director General of Aztek Technologies in Santa Catarina (Monterrey)

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    Javier Williamson
    Production Management Monterrey Operations

    Mr. Williamson is a full-time resident of Monterrey, Mexico and with his partner Michael Latuga will be overseeing the metal fabrication of hand trucks for the U.S. market. He is a former Carrier Corporation employee with extensive engineering experience.

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    Jefferson Raley
    Product Development

    Mr. Raley has been a full time employee of Dell Computers where he oversees new platform product development. He is a partner of Phil Nassaux and a patent holder of the tilt-back hand truck with Mr. Nassaux. Mr. Raley has been instrumental in our testing and qualification of new designs in Austin, Texas.


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    St. Onge Steward, Johnston and Reems
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    WHA Services Hong Kong

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