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AVANTA-consulting Department "Orbitron"

AVANTA Consulting offers you to purchase patented technologies of cargo delivery into space that allow to cut costs by 90-99 %.

  • Stage Concept Only
  • Industry Aerospace
  • Location Москва, Россия
  • Currency USD
  • Founded September 2012
  • Employees 31
  • Incorporation Type LLC
  • Website gust.com

Company Summary

The company owns the technology «Low cost space access». The technology reduces the price of access to space to $ 50-100 / kg. As a result, it becomes profitable to develop the resources of asteroids, moons of Earth and Mars. Manufacturing in space rocket fuel and mining of metals, construction of SPS will give the market at $ 2.7 trillion over the last thirty years (by ULA). Orbitron systems will be sold participants asteroids development.


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    General Director

    The author and the developer of a number of unique inventions in the sphere of decision of the main problem in astronautics – «Low cost space access». Patents of Russia, the EU (UK, Germany, France), USA, Ukraine and Belarus. Has got the experience of establishment and management of scientific-technical centre in the sphere of innovative developments of space transport under the aegis of the USSR Astronautics Federation.

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    Executive Director

    MBA, experienced manager, Business consultant, Market Access professional Strategic planner, Business development manager.
    Professional experience: Market Access for Berlin Chemie Menarini Grop and AVVA Rus, General Manager for STADA Russia, Business Development for Nikamed abd Alkoy, Associated Partner in Chameleon Pharma Consulting.

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    Dmitry Dragun
    Executive Director and Vice President Russian Academy of Cosmonautics named after K. Tsiolkovsky.

    Research the International Space Station.

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    Oleg Pchelyakov
    Deputy Director of the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    Research the International Space Station.

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    Vitaly Melnikov
    Professor Bauman Technical University.

    R&D on the orbital station "MIR" lung frameless SPS 1 kW/kg.

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    Professor Bauman Technical University.

    R&D: the production of thin-film photovoltaic cells (using a vacuum space).

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    Viktor Korovin
    Professor Bauman Technical University.

    Research on near-Earth orbits. The development of space tethers.