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Aquilon Pharmaceuticals S.A.

Aquilon is a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the development of drugs & improving the treatment of pulmonary diseases using the "Biobetter" model

Company Summary

The Company focuses on the early steps of drug development.
It identifies, evaluates and licenses in promising academic projects in the pulmonary field.
It then uses its translational expertise to consolidate the pharmaceutical, pre-clinical, toxicological, clinical and intellectual property packages, so as to increase the value and license out the developed and matured product(s).


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    Industry Pharmacist–. Corporate VP, Pharmaceutical Tech. for Biovail Corporation (now Valeant- North America) - – Senior VP Purgenesis (Canada) – Head R&D Galephar – Co-founder Trimel Pharma (TSX)
    More than 50 products on the market (17 in USA) . 32 granted patents in 19 families and 39 scientific papers

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    CMO, BD, Corporate development

    MBA (Solvay Business School) - MD, Pathologist, Engineering –>20 years Pharma & Business
    CEO Imcyse– Octa-Pharma (Business Unit Manager) –Lambda plus (CMO)
    Previous Medical expert for Roche - Pfizer

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    Marketing - Corp. Development- BD

    Master Sciences VUB (Belgium) Post graduate Marketing (VUB) – MBA (Duke University)
    Global VP pulmonary Cipla and Teva – EU marketing Teva – General Manager GSK Belgium- VP marketing SMB
    Seasoned executive now strategy consultant.

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    PM- COO

    Ph. D in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2004)
    Experience at : L'Oréal, Barrier Therapeutics (JNJ) - Elysia
    Project Manager for the main project at Uteron Pharma (now Mithra)


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    Peter Manso (Mintz IP)