American Aerospace Engineering

AAE has spent the last 4 years designing and building a 2,000 lb Tilt Wing Vertical Take Off Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, need funding to test

  • Stage Not Set
  • Industry Business Products
  • Location Dallesport, WA, USA
  • Currency USD

Company Summary

AAE is an aerospace engineering company and we have given Boeing mechanical, electrical and software engineering support for their Unmanned Aerial Vehicle design and continuous improvement programs. We have also helped Boeing meet their UAV customer requirements. AAE takes an aircraft design from concept, design, build through flight test to production.


  • Michael William Bartlett

    Summary of Work Experience:
    • 30 years of global aerospace engineering experience.
    • 23 years of Flight Test and Development, fixed and rotary wing, through to certification and production. Graduated from National Test Pilot School in 1989 after completing an 18 month post graduate course on fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
    • 20 years of Program Management - Member of Project Management Institute, and Certified Project Management Professional

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