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Ambs Benavides Corporation

Creating programs that help students learn, such as a calculator that shows the steps needed to solve a problem in addition to the answer.

Company Summary

Our company develops education software for iPhone and iPad users that help students learn and prepare for exams. As a company, we gain a competitive advantage by identifying under served market or identifying and patenting improvements to existing products. At the moment, we have 13 applications uploaded to the iTunes store, and one patent pending.


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    Jonathan Gentry Ambs
    Lead Developer

    I earned an Bachelors degree in Physics with minors in Math and English and a Masters degree in Economics at Texas A&M University. After graduation, I worked as an analyst for the Navy until October 2011 when I decided to start my own business in Jonesboro, AR. In March 2012, I was granted my first patent, and I currently have two patents pending approval. In addition to writing patents, I do software development and market reaserch.