Wrist-ankle wallet with patented design to carry credit cards, make e-ticket payments, protect cash from theft in crowd. Kangaroo mascot can be game character.

  • Stage Full Product Ready
  • Industry Sports
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey
  • Currency TRY
  • Founded November 2012
  • Employees 3
  • Website

Company Summary

NO MORE LOST OR STOLEN! Our product CUKKA® wrist/ankle wallet is the easiest way of Making contactless payments with your credit card and e-ticket; Securely carrying cash and keys; Easily reaching your money in the crowd. We launched as a Govt. selected and sponsored exhibitor at 1st Innovation Expo Our market is crowded cities, sports activities and promotional merchandise. Our kangaroo mascot can be a game character.


  • Aklen Altinel
    Business Manager

    We launched as a Govt. selected & sponsored exhibitor at 1st Innovation Expo of Turkey 1-4 Nov. 2012
    My 10 years of technology professionalism turned into government supported entrepreneurship with a new patented wallet design.
    Our business model is like Angry Birds. CUKKA® started with an innovative wrist wallet product and is ready to expand from wearables into mobile apps with our kangaroo mascot.

  • Evelin Radoslavov
    Co-creative Illustrator

    Evelin Radoslavov is a brilliant cousin and a successful creative illustrator who can enhance any
    written knowledge by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the content of
    the associated text. This young entrepreneur continues professional life in digital advertising

  • Nurten Asilturk
    Co-creative Designer

    Nurten Asiltürk is a brilliant mother and a retired teacher with hobbies of creative design and home decoration.

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