AgileSwitch, LLC

Digital Programmable Gate Drivers for Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Applicatoins

  • Stage $1M in TTM Revenue
  • Industry Clean Technology
  • Location Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Currency USD
  • Founded January 2011
  • Employees 13
  • Incorporation Type LLC
  • Website

Company Summary

AgileSwitch designs, develops and markets disruptive technology that significantly improves the performance, efficiency and lifetime of power converters used in renewable energy generation and high efficiency applications. The Company provides critical power conversion sub-assemblies and Gate Drive Boards to manufacturers of Solar Inverters, Wind Turbines, UPS, Electric Motor Drives and Electric/Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EV/HEV).


  • Rob Weber
    Serial entrepreneur and investor in electronic products, components and software. Directly involved in 4 successful VC backed exits.
    Has focused entire career around starting and building emerging growth technology ventures. Prior to AgileSwitch, served as President of Intellifit, a provider of guaranteed fit technology for on-line apparel shopping. BSE/BAS Wharton/Penn Engineering.

  • Albert Charpentier

    Serial entrepreneur and product developer in electronic products/components. Involved in 3 successful VC backed exits and over 20+ product launches. Holds ten patents in the fields of semiconductor processing, chip design, hearing aids, and near field radar. Early in career was Vice President of Engineering at Commodore, where he led the development team responsible for the Commodore 64 Computer. Subsequently started Ensoniq and Intellifit.

  • Alan Smith
    Senior Product Development Engineer

    Has 30 years of project management and design experience in electronics, with deep expertise in ASIC/FPGA, a key requirement for the Company’s patent pending designs. Has worked with the founders in a variety of companies over these 30 years.

  • Cliff Robins
    Director, European Business Development

    Based in the UK and serving customers in Europe, Russia and the CIS countries, Has over 25+ years in power electronics sales for global suppliers.

  • Ben Van Leer
    Layout Designer

    Experienced senior layout designer who has worked with the founders over the past 30 years.

Previous Investors

  • Albert Charpentier, Rob Weber (Equal equity holders)
    Ben Franklin Technology Partners of SEPA (Grant and debt)

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