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Advanced Marine Electric Propulsion

Advanced Marine Electric Propulsion has the best small sailboat electric auxiliary motor on the market today. We're charged and ready to go!

Company Summary

AMEP offers a simple reliable electric motor to replace inboard internal combustion engines when powering or re-powering a sailboat. Our sealed motors can withstand submersion, have no wearing parts, and will provide many years of silent power. We control all phases of manufacturing, from raw material sourcing to final test and shipping. Our company has over ten years of manufacturing experience with electric motors, both domestic and abroad.


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    Arby Bernt

    1994-2001 Room Temp Superconductors (ROOTS)
    2001-2006 Transmagnetics Inc.
    2006-2009 Aleutian Mobility
    2009-2010 Mattracks Inc.
    2007- Current Advanced Marine Electric Propulsion

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    Kevin Mannell
    Partner, Business Manager

    1986-2004 Hotel and hospitality management
    2004-2008 IT management
    2008-2012 Advanced Marine electric Propulsion manager

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    Tong Xi Ai
    Partner, Overseas Operations

    1997-2001 Electric scooter motor QC
    2001-2004 Foreign Trade Office, Customer Relations
    2004-2011 Transmagnetics Inc. QC Manager
    2010-Current Advanced Marine

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    James O'Donnell
    Partner, Design Engineer

    1992-1999 Telecom Programmer
    2001-2009 Small Business Owner
    2010-current Advanced Marine


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    Mia Bernt

Previous Investors

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    None, All funding out of pocket from Arby Bernt