Advanced Aircraft Company

Advanced Aircraft Company develops long-endurance uncrewed aircraft systems for military and defense applications.

  • Stage Product In Market
  • Industry Aerospace
  • Location Hampton, VA, US
  • Currency USD
  • Founded May 2017
  • Employees 8
  • Incorporation Type LLC
  • Website

Company Summary

AAC develops long-endurance UAS for military and defense applications. Utilizing Distributed Electric Propulsion systems and aerodynamic airframes, the aircraft are designed for long-endurance operations and can carry meaningful payloads. Designed to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of our warfighters, AAC VTOL UAS offer high speed and long range, and can operate in austere conditions with no operational infrastructure required.


  • Founder, CTO

    His two most notable designs are the NASA Greased Lightning UAV (a project that he personally led from conceptual design to the conclusion of the flight testing program) and performed the conceptual design of what is now called the NASA X-57 Maxwell, a manned aircraft. Fredericks was an officer in the Marine Core and served in Afghanistan. He graduated 4th in his class at Purdue University with a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering.

  • Paul Allen, CEO, has been a leader in the unmanned aerial systems (UAS) industry since 2009. He sold $1.5b of drones for Insitu, Inc. (a Boeing subsidiary). Paul has vast UAS experience with DoD customers, many of our allies around the world, and enterprise UAS end-users including companies like ConocoPhillips and Burlington Northern Santa Fe. He led the team that earned the first UAS Type Certification (14 CFR 21.25) on a Group II UAS.

  • COO, CFO

    Aaron Frank brings over two decades of senior-level and entrepreneurial experience, including five years in the UAS sector as CEO of Skycart and Corporate Development Director and Head of Drone and UAS Solutions at Local Motors. Previously he was a Director at GE Capital. Frank’s entrepreneurial endeavors include co-founding Deliver-EZ and Zephyr Logistics and advising early stage startups. He holds an MBA from New York University.

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