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    Charlottesville, VA, USA · Healthcare Services

    We are transforming online training across healthcare through a data-driven approach to learning.

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    Charlottesville, VA, USA · Internet / Web Services

    An untapped generation is turning away from big-charity. They are thinking globally and acting locally. We get it, and we get them.

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    Charlottesville, VA, US · Internet / Web Services

    People Powered Decisions

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    Charlottesville, VA, USA · Other

    Accessible & Affordable Metal 3D Printing Platform

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    Charlottesville, VA, US · Mobile

    Moonlighting is the first two way mobile marketplace.Think Craigslist, without the creepiness, with Uber & Paypal functionality baked into your mobile phone

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    Charlottesville, VA, US · Internet / Web Services

    We build customized hiring platforms for high-demand recruiting markets (like MBAs) that are poorly served by existing one-size-fits-all online solutions.

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    Charlottesville, VA, USA · Other

    TriggerSmart has developed and patented a personalized childproof Smart Gun using RFID technology with (remote) Wide Area Control.

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    Charlottesville, VA, US · Clean Technology

    CPower is commercializing a clean energy technology that cost-effectively generates electricity from ocean waves--the largest untapped renewable energy resource

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    Charlottesville, VA, USA · Other

    World Acres Enterprises inc. is a provider of quality clothing, Jewelry, and travel products for Men and women. We pride ourselves on excellence and elegance wi

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    Charlottesville, VA, US · Business Services

    Online marketplace allowing healthcare businesses seeking to sell a business or raise capital to connect with healthcare-focused buyers and capital providers.