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    Accra, Ghana · Financial Services

    An innovative investment company and a financial retail services centre, seeking to reduce poverty by creating wealth and jobs.

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    Brasília - Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil · Financial Services

    Plataforma digital para concessão de crédito com garantia imobiliária.

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    Santa Monica, CA, USA · Financial Services

    International digital currency payments platform for eCommerce, gaming and online donation accepting Bitcoin and emerging digital currencies

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    Miami, FL, US · Financial Services

    Mobile Banking of the Americas providing an easy, quick, transparent, fair, trusted, low-cost, human way for underbanked consumers to access and move money.

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    Sydney NSW, Australia · Financial Services

    A Regtech providing an enterprise SaaS solution that replaces hundreds of spreadsheets used in risk and compliance.

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    Atlanta, GA, USA · Financial Services

    BitMinutes Prepaid-Minute Tokens Guarantee Loans & Free Money Transfer for 2 Billion Unbanked Consumers with Global Partners: Mastercard, SWIFT, Ripple

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    Santiago, Chile · Financial Services

    Becual conecta a pequeñas y medianas empresas que necesitan créditos con personas que tienen ahorros y están dispuestos a invertirlos.

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    Toronto, ON, Canada · Financial Services

    API-powered business banking, built for a mobile world.

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    Argentina, Mexico · Financial Services

    Platform (online and mobile) to make payments, fees, loans and other

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    Miami, FL, USA · Financial Services

    Direct-to-consumer, end-to-end, mobile platform that provides the underserved market easy and affordable access to Lifefy-branded life insurance solutions