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  • Lucky iron fish logo vert
    Toronto, ON, Canada · Consumer Products

    The Lucky Iron Fish is a simple health innovation to combat the complex problem of iron deficiency.

  • Logomarmota
    Barcelona, Spain · Consumer Products

    Marmota is Spain's leading Direct to Consumer bed-in-a-box brand aiming to disrupt the +900M€ sleeping industry.

  • Capture3
    Pittsford, NY, USA · Consumer Products

    Third Eye Design has a patented technology that allows us to add a wireless brake and turn signal light to a motorcycle helmet w/o a switch.

  • Logo
    Las Vegas, NV, USA · Consumer Products

    Intelli-Stopper Technology will re-define and revolutionize food and beverage preservation.

  • Logo
    Philadelphia, PA, USA · Consumer Products

    The only government tested universal-use infant carrier that floats & self-rights. GPS-enabled w/smart-phone app.

  • Logo
    Rochester, NY, USA · Consumer Products

    Expandable collection of giftable magic potions with fantastic stories. Brand meaningfulness & prestige promise high appeal for tweens & up.

  • Eversleep 20logo 20sq
    Golden, CO, USA · Consumer Products

    We Help You Sleep!

  • Givhero logo
    Gaithersburg, MD, USA · Consumer Products

    Givhero transforms communities by making businesses socially responsible through employee wellness and charitable giving.

  • Tracy sqaure
    Los Angeles, CA, USA · Consumer Products

    CannaKids is a California based medicinal cannabis oil line that provides Nurse guided dosing to patients of all ages.

  • New 20holos 20logo 20  20square
    Wexford, Ireland · Consumer Products

    Holos is ethically produced, luxurious plant-based aromatherapy skincare that improves skin health and helps prevent the signs of ageing.