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  •  co.logo.square.x
    Stamford, CT, US · Business Services

    Everything you need to start & run your business organized in one place & one bill.

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    São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil · Business Services

    A Fhinck usa inteligência artificial para monitorar processos e identificar onde aumentar a produtividade e eficiência das empresas.

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    Chicago, IL, US · Business Services

    Connecting highly sought-after experts to evaluate employer candidates, through our on-demand data-driven “Interview-As-A-Service” platform.

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    Chicago, IL, US · Business Services

    The Mom Project is a digital talent marketplace that connects employers looking for qualified, flexible labor with a network of educated and professional women.

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    Ljubljana, Slovenia · Business Services

    Sales person, you do not have to employ.

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    Waterloo, ON, Canada · Business Products

    89% of turnover is due to attitude. Adding Plum’s SaaS based matching solution into your hiring process gives you the relevant data on fit and intelligence.

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    Foster City, CA, USA · Business Products

    Manage your contracts from inception to archive, extract actionable business intelligence (BI) with full audit trail

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    Lyon, France · Business Services

    1Kubator est le premier incubateur de startups en réseau en France, ciblant les primo entrepreneurs du digital.

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    Seoul, South Korea · Business Products

    Solves chaos of fragmented team communication & workflow when using email and messengers by organizing all collaboration by each of the issues teams address.

  • Inscap 20m
    New York, NY, US · Business Services

    Inspiring Capital serves purpose-driven professionals and employers with a unique platform built for today's competitive talent market.