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  • Marcofoto
    San Jose, CA, USA · Business Products

    Hypercard will bring the most data security

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    Minsk, Belarus · Business Products

    Environment sensors and data service platform to provide comfort & safety & human productivity

  • Beamusthave 20logo
    Johannesburg, South Africa · Business Services

    We turn startups into 'emerging new market category kings' through a scientifically codified the product-market fit testing process, inside the virtual MCG.

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    Paris, France · Business Services

    Nap&Up démocratise la pratique de la micro-sieste en entreprise à travers l'installation de cocons flexibles, et une sensibilisation à cette pratique.

  • Parallels
    Newark, DE, USA · Business Products

    World's Smallest Cableless Smart Charger

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    Winston-Salem, NC, USA · Business Services

    The most convenient and effective corporate wellness option available.

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    Edmonton, AB, Canada · Business Services

    Screening-as-a-Service tool that uses over 200 data points to match employers with candidates, all without using a resume as one of those data points.

  • Download
    New York, NY, USA · Business Products

    Taxi Booking App Development Company

  • Logo
    Hanoi, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam · Business Services – Kênh thông tin chia sẻ về Sức Khỏe - Làm Đẹp - Dinh Dưỡng - Mẹo Vặt - Reviews Sản Phẩm tốt nhất cho mọi người!

  • Logodeeploy portrait 01
    São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil · Business Services

    Ajudamos empresas a recrutar a terceirizar seus times de produto, conectando-as com uma base selecionada de UX/UI Designers.