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    Malindi, Kilifi, Kenya · Business Services

    Current developing and working to bring in a product to help house hold restaurant and offices and factories to lower the cost of electricity looking capital

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    Boston, MA, US · Business Services

    C&M Group is an entrepreneurial strategy consulting group for startups to fortune 500s focused on growth and new product innovation.

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    Panama · Business Services

    MLS international

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    Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria · Business Services

    branDpluS is a branding and PR company, we are into advertising, branding , marketing and PR, for firms, individuals, politicians and govt. agencies

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    Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India · Business Products

    It's a plastic product manufacturer..

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    Santa Clara, CA, US · Business Services

    Non-profit causes for profit-driven solutions with a vision to actualize prosperity through lean start up, process improvement, and empowering human capital.

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    Guelph, ON, Canada · Business Services

    best business model you have ever seen completely overlooked by everyone we are taking over the entire market in stealth help us grow - you will smile

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    Taipei, Taiwan · Business Services

    We stimulate and promote the value of entrepreneurship in the Greater China Area.

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    Pune, Maharashtra, India · Business Products

    Integration of internet apps, bluetooth and NFC with retail shopping to smartly locate, source products and intelligently combine loyalty cards into single card

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    Jersey City, NJ, US · Business Services

    an online Forex specific radio show with call in feature for day traders. most only cater to stocks we can chage 20.00 a month and target5-20k clients