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    Ogden, UT, USA · Media and Entertainment

    Innovate movie theater company. 90% of our financing in place for our first location ( 400K Equity, need additional $50K). 400K EBITDA.

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    La Altagracia, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic · Media and Entertainment

    Chris Blizzard Productions is planning to develop a 150-seat dinner theatre in the Punta Cana resort area of the Dominican Republic.

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    Mt Vernon, IL, USA · Media and Entertainment

    We are a full service independant record label.WE offer everything fromrecording to marketing to scheduling the performances.

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    London, GB-ENG, United Kingdom · Media and Entertainment

    The main risk remains the fear of non-achievement. It is really hopeful to gain confidence from investors.

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    Los Angeles, CA, USA · Media and Entertainment

    We aim to capitalize on the constant stream of talented new screen writers by providing top-notch Management and Script Coverage services.

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    Uavoyage, Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine · Media and Entertainment интернет телеканал бизнес справочник по поиску инвестиций

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    Riverside, CA, USA · Media and Entertainment

    Daniel enterprise is a media conglamorate that creates stories,movies owns megadantv1,Wayward,and vernon

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    Malibu, CA, USA · Media and Entertainment

    Only 4% of music downloads are paid for. On behalf of copyright owners, Muzit identifies, engages and monetizes the other 96%.

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    Richmond, KY, USA · Media and Entertainment

    Renting TV Shows on DVD has never been easier! Porch Couch offers newly released and classic movies and TV Shows on DVD at your convenience!

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    France · Media and Entertainment

    Spécialisés dans la vente de «Trading Cards», nous avons décidés de créer, fabriquer et distribuer des Trading Cards françaises.