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    Los Angeles, CA, USA · Media and Entertainment

    $100K seed capital: $12,165,633 ROI projected valuation, ExecP credit + $10K fee per OMG MINI-STUDIO produced cable TV episode. See INVESTOR TERM SHEET draft.

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    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India · Media and Entertainment

    The fastest growing entrepreneurship media and the first publication to franchise its title from India to all emerging markets worldwide!

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    Toronto, ON, Canada · Media and Entertainment

    Innovative. Interactive. Insightful. Inspiring. We get to the meat of the story.

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    Markham, ON, Canada · Media and Entertainment

    Clever Maple is the right destination for creative people to explore and improve their imagination. Handmade crafts, family parties, events

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    Lagos, Nigeria · Media and Entertainment

    Help to invest in our ideas to produce Peace Album + Film for the propagation of peace among school students.

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    Sumter, SC, US · Media and Entertainment

    Founded on May 1st, 2015 by Kevin McLeod and Darrin Ward, Stereotype Music was solely built to provide a brand of great music for people to love.

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    Stockholm, Sweden · Media and Entertainment

    ADS you SEE. Full screen ads pushed to the start screen of smart phones by the Mytoz app. Members get a free smartphone with free calls, SMS and surf.

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    Paris, France · Media and Entertainment

    The complete ecosystem of AI services dedicated to events for professionals and users.

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    Chicago, IL, USA · Media and Entertainment

    SUJO provides curated news and opinion with comfortable social interaction.

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    Los Angeles, CA, US · Media and Entertainment

    Fund The Real Deal = True OG = Original Genius = Innovative Entrepreneur with Multiple Ventures