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    Porto, Portugal · Internet / Web Services

    Facestore is an innovative SaaS E-commerce platform which enables any company to sell products on social channels like Facebook Pinterest Instagram or WhatsApp

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    Stamford, CT, USA · Internet / Web Services

    Patented testing SaaS that significantly improves quality, frees customer time and reduces execution time and cost for finding defects. Usage based testing.

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    Salt Lake City, UT, USA · Internet / Web Services

    End-to-end freelancer agency management platform.

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    Boston, MA, US · Internet / Web Services

    Career services for the next generation of higher education

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    Bogotá - Bogota, Colombia · Internet / Web Services

    Improving employee satisfaction and talent optimization with quantifiable data.

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    Iowa City, IA, US · Internet / Web Services

    We improve teachers' lives by making rich, active teaching easy

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    Russia, Krasnodar Krai, Krasnodar · Internet / Web Services

    Service to publish your project and its components and diary

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    San Francisco, CA, US · Internet / Web Services

    We provide premium community communication solution in Mobile Apps (iOS/Android), Desktop Apps (Mac/Win) as well as in Website. (Message Board + Chat + Cloud)

  • Lendingstandardlogocoloriphone
    Kansas City, MO, US · Internet / Web Services

    LendingStandard is the first online origination system for commercial and niche financing that involves people in the process.

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    Madison, WI, USA · Internet / Web Services

    Our Ballot Box is a political social network that gives your opinions more political strength.