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    Bauru - São Paulo, Brazil · Internet / Web Services

    Solução de e-commerce, em que o diferencial é a ferramenta 3D, que permite a venda de produtos personalizados. Loja Modelo:

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    Bangalore, Karnataka, India · Internet / Web Services

    We address lunch hour queues at Business Parks and Malls through an online ordering solution. We charge per transaction. Market size: $ 280 m at 20% conversion.

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    Gandhidham, Gujarat, India · Internet / Web Services

    Merge with us Surge with us.

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    Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine · Internet / Web Services

    Web forum for developers to post, refine and reuse code and expertise

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    Madison, WI, US · Internet / Web Services

    I website were college students nationwide could post lost and found items like cell phones, keys and other personal items.

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    São José - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil · Internet / Web Services

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    Gentilly, France · Internet / Web Services

    PoWeRmap sera pour Linkedin et Facebook at Work ce que sont Tinder et Happn pour Meetic !

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    Rome, Italy · Internet / Web Services

    connect the entire planet (gradually) via the internet(+mobile app) in a way that has not been done yet.

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    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India · Internet / Web Services

    Check who is coming from a different country to yours and ask him to bring a courier package for you at a much cheaper prices than courier companies.

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    Charlotte, NC, US · Internet / Web Services

    my app gives you a new way of streaming living real concert in real time as it is happening right then