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    Paris, France · Internet / Web Services

    We use Blockchain technology and token economics to solve major problems in e-commerce (high platform fees, fake buyer reviews, lack of trust)

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    Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India · Internet / Web Services

    A one-stop solution for all products that migrants across India miss from their hometowns and a discovery portal for authentic and unique regional goods.

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    Pasadena, CA, USA · Internet / Web Services

    Sales Automation Solution for Advanced Manufacturing Business

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    Paris, France · Internet / Web Services

    La première plateforme intelligente d’experts dédiée aux décideurs d'aujourd'hui et demain!

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    Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago · Internet / Web Services

    We are an online marketplace where users can enjoy the experience of instantaneous shopping, online advertising and the ability to develop storefronts.

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    Fairfield, CT, USA · Internet / Web Services

    Letting large companies listen to their customers, at scale

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    New York City, NY, USA · Internet / Web Services

    We sell nutrition analysis and meal recommendation solutions to food, health and wellness companies. Current clients include Nestle, Samsung and Epicurious.

  • Gust 20logo
    Ottawa, ON, Canada · Internet / Web Services

    Tailrd. is a platform that helps shoppers to look their best by connecting them to friends, stylists, outfits, and items based on their size and style.

  • Logobigger
    Milwaukee, WI, USA · Internet / Web Services

    Software as a Service (SaaS) application ($50 per month) that enables businesses to create and send video (+more) everywhere at once — simple, fast, easy.

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    Newport Beach, CA, USA · Internet / Web Services

    vFit is a multi-platform smartphone App and web tool that visually compares the shape of your feet to the inside shape of shoes to determine the correct size