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  • Glome logo 2013 black 01
    Helsinki, Finland · Internet / Web Services

    Glome gives businesses tools to earn their users trust by serving them and their friends, across all devices. No registration, no login, no apps required.

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    Atlanta, GA, US · Internet / Web Services

    A mobile app that gives you the ability to Buy and Sell, By Culture

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    Lincoln, NE, US · Internet / Web Services

    We are the Kayak of Influencer Marketing.

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    New York City, NY, USA · Internet / Web Services

    We transform daily email communication into a real-time directory of external and internal stakeholders

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    San Jose, CA, US · Internet / Web Services

    Cognician is the world’s best virtual coach for leaders, managers, employees and students, to help them think beyond their experience level.

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    Ormond Beach, FL, USA · Internet / Web Services

    A global network of healthcare providers offering a comprehensive medical bidding/referral system for individual users and organizations.

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    Boston, MA, USA · Internet / Web Services

    Practically Green helps global companies engage their employees in sustainability and responsibility initiatives.

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    Beirut, LB-BA, Lebanon · Internet / Web Services

    The crowdfunding marketplace for early stage innovation and social entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

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    New York, NY, US · Internet / Web Services

    Vonvo is a video event platform enabling companies to brand story-tell in the most engaging manner. Think of Vonvo as Google Hangouts meets KickStarter hybrid.

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    Louisville, KY, USA · Internet / Web Services

    POS on Cloud is providing an affordable, cloud based point of sale system to the small business merchant by selling it through ISO channel