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    Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India · IT Services

    Your digitalization partner

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    Pune, Maharashtra, India · IT Services

    Billde is helpful to newspaper sellers to collect their monthly bills, and it supports media industry.

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    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia · IT Services

    Enables electricians to complete Certificates of Compliance quickly and easily on mobile devices, for access by electricians, the business, and Gov. Regulators

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    Liverpool, England, GB · IT Services

    E-Sign is an advanced electronic signature, and digital ID service provider, which provides secure electronic signatures onto documents

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    Salt Lake City, UT, USA · IT Services

    The house call is back. TruClinic makes online healthcare the new normal. TruClinic allows providers and patients to securely meet anytime from anywhere.

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    Pittsburgh, PA, USA · IT Services - Helping members earn a living on the internet social networking.

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    Fort Lauderdale, FL, US · IT Services

    CloudHesive helps companies securely and efficiently consume the cloud in a cost effective manner.

  • Devvsquare
    Helsingborg, Sweden · IT Services

    Devv & our platform Unicorn Coders will help IT intensive businesses to hire developers by automating the recruitment process and focus on skill rather than CV.

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    Chicago, IL, US · IT Services

    Advanced software solutions that enable real time analysis of complex health care problems

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    Харьков, Харьковская область, Украина · IT Services

    Автоматическая система сбора, сортировки и анализа персональных данных.