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    New Haven, CT, USA · Healthcare Services

    The reinvention of medical billing communication.

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    Denver, CO, USA · Healthcare Services

    We make mental and behavioral health therapy for kids collaborative and effective.

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    Oklahoma City, OK, USA · Healthcare Services

    A neuroimmunology diagnostics company focused on changing how medicine is practiced for neuropsychiatric and behavioral disorders

  • Beyond lucid   11 years
    Concord, CA, USA · Healthcare Services

    The MEDIVIEW platform connects Mobile Medical (Fire & EMS) agencies with the care continuum in-real-time and tracks data over time, including COVID-19 exposures

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    Bangalore, Karnataka, India · Healthcare Services

    Know Your Health Better

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    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India · Healthcare Services

    QubeHealth is a Workplace Healthcare Management company - we help mid to large size employers across India, to manage their Employee Health & Benefits.

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    Louisville, KY, USA · Healthcare Services

    Selling & leasing fully equipped compact mobile dental vans to providers & providing them with consultation services & backend support through our partnerships.

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    Hamilton, ON, Canada · Healthcare Services

    Breakthrough brain assessment measures neuromarkers to reliably inform brain health management -General Health, ageing population, concussion, stroke, COVID-19.

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    New York, NY, USA · Healthcare Services

    Smart PPE Footwear™ with Infection Control Technology™ filling a timely, un-addressed, and ongoing need for 59M+ Medical Professionals and Healthcare Workers.

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    Minneapolis, MN, USA · Healthcare Services

    A Healthy Food MedTech company that solves the problem of what each individual should eat for their health and longevity, backed by unbiased clinical studies