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    Accra, Ghana · Food and Beverage

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    New York, NY, US · Food and Beverage

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    São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil · Food and Beverage

    Fazemos bebidas funcionais, life mix, sucos e chas sem adição de açúcar e sem conservantes e com nutrientes essenciais. E poder da terra, chas orgânicos.

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    Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia · Food and Beverage

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    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India · Food and Beverage

    Erradicating queues from resturants and QSRs.

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    San Diego, CA, USA · Food and Beverage

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    Jagatpur, Odisha, India · Food and Beverage


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    Ashburn, VA, USA · Food and Beverage

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    Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India · Food and Beverage

    My venture is about "Corporate lunch packs". We did research & checked the potential of the business for 2 months. Delivered 350+ lunch packs in just 2 months.

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    Paris, France · Food and Beverage